Meats and the butchery

Only premium quality guarantees premium taste. Therefore only the best parts of beef and veal enter our house. Or more precisely, our in-house butchery. There the meat is cut and transferred into the ripening room where it is given the exact amount of time needed to become tender and mellow enough to hit your plates. Especially our beef, mostly Simmental cattle from the Mostviertel (the must quarter in Lower Austria), we allow to age up to several weeks: The traditional, but nowadays only rarely used Viennese meat cutting method produces all the delicious cuts that you can enjoy – boiled or fried – in our restaurant: from Tafelspitz (cap of rump) to Beinfleisch (short ribs) to Rostbraten (striploin) and Lungenbraten (tenderloin).

We also take a lot of time when producing our home-made hams. In our in-house butchery we carefully cure and boil the juicy Prague ham, in our own smokehouse we carefully smoke the savoury “Kaminschinken” on beech wood. Our white sausages (Weisswürste) are also produced in-house and definitely compare well with their Bavarian counterparts!

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