Zum Renner: In Döbling since 1899

Established by great-great-great-grandfather Johann at the end of the 19th century and since 1970 located at Nußdorfer Platzl, “the Renner” has become a culinary heaven, that is well known far and wide. A traditional, family-run Viennese restaurant, not a posh place, but a true down-to-earth “Gasthof” – where the guest is always king.


A tradition of quality

Susanne and Manuela Beer (Renner) are the fifth and sixth generation now running the family restaurant. Having spent a lot of time in their (grand-)parents’ restaurant, they grew up with the sense for quality that is needed in order to live up to the traditional high quality standards of meals and drinks, of the attentive service and the cosy atmosphere offered to our guests.


Romantic dining in Vienna and old-style Viennese conviviality

After all “the Renner” combines a couple of things that don’t necessarily go together at first glance: Viennese cuisine and Bavarian beer, romantic dining in Vienna and old-style Viennese conviviality, culinary pleasures and generous helpings, a shady hideaway and lively parties and last but not least the old innkeeper Johann and his better-known uncle Karl – the former Austrian president Dr. Karl Renner.